KABA Locks & Hardware

KABA Locks & Hardware


Our company is one of the enterprise business and counseling system accessories lock professional and reputable banks. With his extensiveoperational experience in key industries, the company is gradually asserted brand on the market and get the trust from many customers.Currently, the company provides all theaccessories store with the brand of German,Italian, Japanese, Spanish, .... suitable for allbuildings, office buildings, resort, restaurants,hotels .... ensure appropriate advice to the projectbudget. Along with long-term warranty,reasonable, certainly gives customers satisfaction in quality, price and service. For more information please contact:



                                       AN BAO AN COMPANY LTD.

                                      Add:1348 Road 3 / 2, Ward 2, District11,HCMC

                                      Phone: (08) 3969 8730 Fax: (08) 3969 8731

                                      Hotline: 0909.499.499

                                      Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

                                      Website: www.thegioikhoa.com



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